Unico Upower
Power amplifiers

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  • Technical characteristics
    • Output Power: 100W RMS 8ohm
    • Output stage: POWER MOSFET, two complementary pairs
    • Polarization: Dynamic A class
    • Sensibility: 25Watt
    • Input Impedance: equal to the load impedance
    • Frequency responce: -0.1dB@10Hz / -0.5dB@100kHz
    • THD: 0.1% @ 10W, 1kHz
    • Input: 1 pair of power connectors
    • Output connectors: 4 +4 per Bi-Wiring
    • Power consumption: 380W max
    • Size (la x lu x alt): 43.5 x 43 x 13 cm
    • Weight: 16 Kg
  • Downloads
The most significant limitation of tube amplifiers, especially for those operating in Class A, may be recognized in reduced output power.
On the other hand in order to have more powers one should use more expensive, more bulky and heavier devices with values of dissipation of power that can become intolerable. Not always the amplifier have to provide high values of power. Sometimes we can be satisfied to listen to the music of high quality to a limited volume and on these occasions may not be desirable to use a high power amplifier and high consumption.
The design of this Booster starts from these considerations and proposes several objectives: – to maintain the possibility of using a tube amplifier of limited power and therefore appropriate for a volume of listening limited. This also allows to choose an amplifier in Class A which is known to present a better sound quality; – to be able to use only when you need a reserve of appropriate power to hear a high volume; – to maintain as far as possible the characteristics of your original; – to limit power dissipation.
All these objectives have been achieved in the project Upower.